Lena Horne died

Lena Horne singer/actress and activist died yesterday night at the age of 92.

a little bit about this legendary entertainer

Lena Horne was born Lena Mary Calhoun Horne on June 39th 1917 in Brooklyn, NY.

When Lena Horne was 16 she became a performer at the Cotton Club.

besides singing jazz Lena Horne was also an actress and performed in such movies as The Duke is on Top, Cabin in the sky, Stormy Weather, Death of a Gunslinger and the Wiz

A lot of Lena Horne's acting roles where parts such a singer in a musical number that where easily taken out of the film. Which was something that often happened to her parts when the movie was played in the south.

Lena Horne refused to play stereotypical roles of Black commonly seen in Hollywood during the 30's and 40's such a being a maid.

Besides having her parts often cut in some parts of the country and not taken the common stereotypical roles Lena Horne's acting career was cut short because she was black listed during the McCarthy era due to her leftist views. Which at that time basically meant because she was for African Americans having equal rights.

But that didn't stop someone as talented as Lena Horne who just when back to singing in night clubs and having a long lasting singing career and she also kept acting in Broadway and even starred in her own one women show.