Bernese Mountain Dog Named Max Wows Audience At Superdogs

Max, a 2 1/2 –year-old Bernese mountain dog pulled a cart as part of his first time performance on Superdogs. Sherry Etifier a Calgarian owns Max including three other dogs. She has been on the Superdogs circuit for eleven years now.

Max wows the audience when he did his first performance. He pulled the cart where his best friend, Beaker rides in.

Sherry Etifier lovingly described her dogs. According to her, Max thrives on bits of biscuits. She added that Max works for food. Her German shorthaired pointer, on the otherhand, works for a tug toy. This dog would love to have the tug toy even though there is a juicy steak hanging in front of his face.

Sherry Etifier says her dogs thrive on working. She added that she loves the intense focus of training and performing with her dogs. She feels that she belongs to a family whenever she is with the other teams at the Superdogs. She sees Herb Williams, the 81-year-old founder of Superdogs as the father figure of the group. She says “We love him like a father, Superdogs is Herb.”

Superdogs was created by Herb Williams way back in 1976. Together with his co-producer Leonard Chase, he draws on a network of 150 dog owners-trainers from Canada. This year there are twenty teams with eight teams from Calgary, and 50 dogs are at Stampede.

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