The Bridge TV Show

The bridge TV show has been launched on the CBS network last night; the series has already been premiered four months ago on CTV. The show is named upon the famous bridge of Toronto. The bridge is a clear distinction between the elite and the poor class of the city. The show gained a lot of popularity by the people when it was telecasted on the CTV network and people just love the show. People just loved the whole show and they decided to take a good look at the series once again at its repeated telecast on the other TV network.

The program is based on the Toronto police chief. The police man shown in the show has shown cleaning up the mess of the whole police department. He has set out to clean up the department from corruption; he is doing this act at a time when the people are fully fed up of the corruption of the police department. The production of the Bridge TV show started last year and the entertainment company that was responsible for the production has worked keenly in order to produce a great show.

The number of episodes of the show was thirteen and all the episodes of show are spectacular and the people just loved the whole show. The people just loved the bridge TV show and the people who have not seen it till now are looking forward to see it now. The show is basically from Canada and it has received a lot of viewing from different parts of North America.

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