Hooters girls Swimsuit Pageant 2010

The prestigious Hooter swimsuit Pageant 2010 was hosted by Dan Cortese. The event took place saturday night. Total event’s back stage coverage was through Carrie Keagan.

Chuy Bravo, Jerri Mathew, Ryan Caberera, Ashely Roberts and Michael Yo are the famous personalities are the judges to this event. The winner of the pageant bags the cash prize of $50,000. This is a tough fight among the 100 to 200 hooters girls for this time.

Ladies in swimsuits featured in this event and spectacular parade of swimsuits has been a great attraction for many through 8pm PST event. Leangelea Davis crowned the winner of the event. Leangela davis was 2008 Hooter swimsuit pageant runner up and she was first Africa-American to win from the hooters swimsuit pageant.

The pageant was broadcasted live on Spike TV from Broward Center for the performing arts.
Source: www.filmyfair.com

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