9/11 Photos & Memorial – Free App For September 11 Pictures

9/11 Photos & Memorial – Free App For September 11 Pictures – A new app titled Explore 9/11 has been raising quite a stir over the course of the last few days. Many initially criticized the app, saying that the company was trying to profit off of one of the biggest disasters on American soil in the history of the company. However, upon further investigation, the app uses technology that can dramatically change the way that we view the event and also the way that historians find and share information about the event.

The app is offered by the National September 11 Memorial and Museum, which has not yet opened yet. Prior to the opening of the museum, they have released this app which provides users with a number of photos of the devastating event.

The app is free, and was released on August 26th. Since that time it has been downloaded more than 100,000 times. It allows users to take a walking tour through seven different locations around the World Trade center site. Each stop has a number of different images; text and audio explain what happened at that location on that fateful day. Included are a number of interviews from eyewitnesses who saw the carnage first hand.

The app is certainly an interesting way to take an in-depth look at the past. On the newest version of the iPhone, users can choose the “augmented reality” mode, which allows images to be overlaid via the camera view; meaning that you can take a tour of the locations while you are actually visiting them.

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