Stand Up To Cancer 2010: Watch on Hulu

Stand Up to Cancer 2010 was a successful way a Television can make a change in the lives of millions of people. If you missed it tonight you can watch it on Hulu and still bring your contribution to cancer awareness and finding treatment.

A host of celebrities were hosting the 2010 Stand Up to Cancer show which aimed at raising awareness on fighting Cancer. Michael Douglass kicked off the event in a taped message and Katie Couric, Diane Sawyer, and Brian Williams were the informal hosts of the show.

George Clooney and Will Smith also appeared in taped messages. Other celebrity performers were Lady Antebellum, Neil Diamond, Stevie Wonder, and Billie Joe Armstrong. If you called during the time of the show the phone may have been picked up by a celebrity like Michael C. Hall, Seth MacFarlane, Sally Field, Christina Applegate, Marcia Cross, David Boreanaz, Emily Deschanel, Rob Lowe, and Thomas Jane.

Stand Up to Cancer 2010 was the number 2 event.

Tonight's event was the second Stand Up To Cancer show that was hosted by a cross-network, cross-platform group that only aimed at raising money to fight this major health problem affecting the lives of millions of people in the world. People have helped it not only by donating or volunteering, but also by watching and spreading the word.

Here you can watch a little episode from the tonight's cancer awareness show, where the celebrities, including Michael Douglas tell how Cancer doesn't care.

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