Temulent:Kathy from Martinsburg, West Virginia, recently stumbled upon a new word for it. Word abstemious, and this applies to the moderate use of food and beverages. It requires self-control, and later it was extended to the habits and lifestyles, which vary at the table. It comes from Latin, where the AB-meaning “from” and temetum mean intoxicating beverage.

The only word that I found containing the same root temulent, now rarely used. This meant a drunk or drugged. Seventeenth century were variations temulently, temulentness, temulentious, and temulentive.

Go drink-related word vinolent, addicted to wine. Charles Wheelwright transfer line from Aristophanes, as “… Vinolent tendency of Athenian women.” Happy Hour “Agora”, the common people!

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