charlie chaplin time travel : charlie chaplin Theories running wild

Filmmaker George Clark found footage in the 1928 Circus of Charlie Chaplin and it has taken a whole new dimension. The footage was part of an extra in the DVD and according to Clark there is a woman, rather a man in drag holding a cell phone.

The easiest conclusion that most have run into along with Clark is that the person is a time traveler. But people are having hard time confining to such one theory, so as Clark has posted the footage on YouTube, theories are running wild, however, it is being difficult for anyone to reach to a conclusion about what the person is holding on his or her hand near his / her ear and jabbering.

According to few time traveler is not an impossible theory citing the reference of time given by scientist Albert Einstein, where it can flow and stop and meander like a river, so it is quite possible to have a time traveler. However, there is a jinx, how a person is suppose to communicate via cell phone in 1928 when there is no satellites or signal towers.

Some are of the opinion that the person in the footage is holding one of the earliest versions of hearing aid and must be talking to oneself. Whatever it is, whether the person in question is a time traveler or not, Charlie Chaplin was an artist who was capable of breaking the restrictions of time. He has been a time traveler in his own way.

It’s almost 90years but the man’s works are still as much relevant as it were when the films were made. He can appeal to the sensibilities of children as well as adults and transcend the boundaries alike and each can interpret and get their own meanings to his work. Chaplin’s films were slapstick comedies, and the person in extra didn’t make it to the film, it is also quite possible the person was talking to a shoe and was deemed unnecessary for the film to be cut off.
charlie chaplin time travel

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