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Saban statue unwarranted

I agree with everything Kevin Scarbinsky said in his column criticizing the Auburn Heisman statues. I don't understand the Nick Saban statue, either.

I mean, the guy has lifetime losing records to both UAB and Auburn. He is also the guy who in his most recent regular-season game somehow managed to blow a 24-0 lead to Auburn in a stadium named after Bear Bryant. By the way, isn't Alabama still on probation for the textbook scandal that occurred under Saban's watch?

Kevin's point about Auburn putting up statues too soon is well taken, but I think the Saban thing is way outta hand, too.

Charles Wilkinson,


UA statues discriminatory

On the day Bama was proudly unveiling its new statue in adoration of its newest national championship winning football coach, another Bama coach was winning her fifth national championship in gymnastics with not even a breeze blowing in the direction of a statue of her on Bama's self-proclaimed "Walk of Champions."

Maybe the name should be officially changed to "Walk of Male Football Only Champions."

Keep in mind that this winner of five national championships was hired by Coach Paul Bryant and is the only coach on the present Bama staff to have worked for him. How would the man who hired her feel about her being so excluded after achieving such a great record in her program?

Carl Dimick,


Need Patterson statue

Kevin Scarbinsky, I want to thank you for the great Hot Corner concerning a statue for Sarah Patterson. She has accomplished so much in her distinguished career, not only in winning five national championships but, more importantly, the awareness she has generated for breast cancer research through her "Power of Pink" initiative.

She also places a strong emphasis on classroom achievement, exemplified by the number of girls in her program who sport perfect 4.0 GPAs (during introductions at any home meet, each girl's GPA and academic awards are mentioned).

I thank you for supporting a statue to recognize her. I wholeheartedly agree that it would be a fitting tribute to a woman who has dedicated her life to the University of Alabama, and has had unquestioned success in her career.

And what she does away from Coleman Coliseum means even more.

John Cochran,


Gymnastics isn't football

Come on, Kevin. Really? A statue for Sarah Patterson? Taking nothing away from Coach Patterson's tremendous accomplishments, do you really believe her five national championships have done for the school and state what even one national championship in football has done?

Let there be no doubt, Sarah Patterson is a remarkable and wonderful woman and coach. She has made history in her own right and should, by all means, be hailed and recognized for it. If the University of Alabama wants to build a tribute to her, fine. But it's up to the university, and your unqualified opinion doesn't matter.

Gene Cardwell,


AU statues are OK

Why am I not surprised that Kevin Scarbinsky or The Birmingham News would criticize Auburn for having statues made of Heisman Trophy winners? Maybe we like to honor students of the school, rather than making grown men our idols.

Really, Auburn hasn't done anything right this year anyway, have we? Oh, wait. We did embarrass our archrival in November, win the national championship, and our Superman won the Heisman. And he loves his father unconditionally.

What is the Auburn Nation thinking? That we might be allowed to enjoy it all? Shame on us!

Nancy English,


Auburn A-Day Sound Off 4-24.jpgOne reader disagrees with a writer's commentary that A-Day games are boring. (HAL YEAGER / THE BIRMINGHAM NEWS)

A-Day games not boring

Evan Woodbery's Hot Corner about A-Day games last Sunday sounded like a sports writer who is a little bored and wants to be doing something else.

He wonders if fans will keep coming to games that get only increasingly boring and increasingly inconsequential each year. Well, attendance keeps going up every year, so obviously there is a disconnect between what he sees and how the fans view these games.

These games are gigantic recruiting tools that showcase teams on national TV, and the fans keep coming. I don't think they are boring and I don't think they are inconsequential.

So quit whining, Mr. Woodbery, please. Your interpretation of spring games is just flat-out wrong. The behavior of the fans and TV networks makes that clear. If you can't see that, maybe you should stay home and watch the NBA or something. And let me cover the games.

Scott Hollon,


Don't like Dega racing

I used to love Talladega and the NASCAR Cup races. Lately, they have become nothing more than a 25-lap race at the start and a 25-lap race for the finish. It is no wonder that the speedway is having to tarp over large sections of its seating for lack of paying customers.

Watching last week's race was like watching love bugs before they hit your grill on the Florida turnpike. Two by two racing due to the new restrictor rules has made this race almost a joke were it not for those last laps. Unless NASCAR and the speedway want to order more and larger tarps, I would hope they would rethink this type of racing. As Dale Earnhardt once said, get rid of the restrictor plates and move the fans back away from the track.

Unless you are interested in fighting traffic all the way to and from the track and enduring a very snoozy 130-plus laps, you are much better off staying at home and watching it on TV.

Barry Nichols,


Russell wastes his chance

Athletes from the state of Alabama should take full advantage of professional sports opportunities when they are presented to them. JaMarcus Russell is the latest example of what I am talking about.

Here is (or was) a man with amazing talent that could have taken him a long way, but he apparently decided that football was not his thing. He sat out an entire season in a contract dispute, got his money, and then did not do anything to deserve it.

What could have caused him to suddenly lose the desire to play the sport he has loved since he could recognize a football? Selfishness got the best of him. Or maybe it was something more serious for which he needs professional help. Actually, many people have tried to help but were left disappointed.

He is slowly becoming another lost talent from the state.

Donald Stubbs,


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