Nauru UN Refugee Move May Prompt Another Asylum Seekers Option

Nauru UN Refugee Move May Prompt Another Asylum Seekers 

Nauru, the world’s smallest island republic and located in micronesia in the South Pacific is fighting to re-open the door for neighboring asylum/refugee seekers. In 2008, the refugee camp on this tiny island closed, taking with it a substantial 10 percent of job opportunities.

Today we learned that “Nauru president Marcus Stephen today signed the instruments of accession to the 1951 convention relating to the status of refugees and its 1967 protocols.”
President Stephen stated: “By signing the convention and its protocols we commit ourselves to the principles set out in the convention.” This brings Nauru closer to securing a deal with the country of Malaysia to swap 800 asylum-seekers for 4000 certified refugees.

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott expressed his contentment with the latest strides stating, “Compared to Julia Gillard’s Malaysian people swap, reopening the Australian taxpayer-funded processing centre in Nauru is humane, cost-effective and proven to work. Julia Gillard has finally run out of excuses. The Prime Minister should pick up the phone to the President of Nauru, reopen the processing centre on the Island and reintroduce temporary protection visas.”

Others differ in opinion. Immigration Minister Chris Bowen voiced his stance by saying, “The Coalition left people to rot on Nauru for long periods of time, and then the great majority resettled and came to Australia anyway, not breaking the people-smuggling model but causing a lot of damage to people along the way.”

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