Jennifer "garners" praise for Broadway debut

Jennifer Garner won raves reviews for her Broadway debut in Cyrano de Bergerac Thursday night. "I'm ready for a glass of wine!" she said while making her way to the opening night party. "I'm just happy that I stayed on my feet and said everything that I was supposed to say." The Big Ben of Broadway - New York Times critic Ben Brantley - called the production "surprisingly potent," star Kevin Kline "artfully low-key" and Garner "captivating" in her demanding role as the love interest Roxane. "Ms. Garner, I am pleased to report, makes Roxane a girl worth pining over," he wrote in his review published this morning. Despite the glowing review, Garner vowed she would not be reading the play's notices. "I'm not going to look at [them]," she said. "No. I can't stand it." Garner's husband Ben Affleck was on hand for support. "She did fine! It was terrific, and I had a lot of fun," he said. "I'm really impressed by her courage and her talent." Having now seen her in the role a few times, Affleck added that Garner "keeps impressing me, and I keep on loving it."