Spears's monthly expenses revealed

More court documents in the ongoing custody battle between Britney Spears and Kevin Federline were released Thursday, which revealed some intimate details about their finances. Federline earned more than half a million dollars in 2006 - mainly from entertainment and endorsement deals - but minus business expenses, he grossed only $7,436 that year. Spears earns close to $737,000 per month. Federline receives $15,000 a month in child support payments from Spears. He is entitled to child support until Sean and Jayden become adults, since Spears is the higher earner. The documents also reveal that Federline earned $3,300 in royalties in 2006 for his debut song "Popozao." His and Spears's monthly expenses were listed as follows:

- $102,000 on entertainment, gifts and vacations
- $49,267 on mortgage payments
- $16,000 on clothes
- $4,758 on eating out
- $2,500 on phone bills

- $5,000 on entertainment, gifts, and vacations
- $7,500 on rent
- $2,000 on clothes
- $1,500 on eating out
- $750 on phone bills

In other Spears news, her onetime manager, Johnny Wright, is suing the singer, claiming she owes him in excess of $15,000 in back commission. The suit, filed in Florida on Monday, states that Spears was obligated to continue paying Wright Entertainment Group for deals negotiated when Wright was her manager through 2008. According to the suit, Spears stopped paying commissions in 2006.