Ashton Kutcher Twitter, Ashton Kutcher Loves Twitter

Ashton Kuttcher Twiter, Ashton Kutcher Loves Twitter: American celebrities Ashton Kutcher and Britney Spears are on a head to head battle for the first to reach five million followers on Twitter.

Ashton Kutcher is the most popular tweeting celebrity as of the moment, with 4,926,691 followers. But he is in the brink of losing his title as Twitter king because Britney Spears is coming very close with 4,921,200 followers.

Last April, Ashton Kutcher has been the undisputed Twitter king and gaining more followers than anyone else on the site.

Britney Spears is slowly closing in on Kutcher. The gap between their number of followers gets smaller every day. The stats according to TwitterCounter concludes that in 30 days, Britney Spears will be possibly ahead of Ashton Kutcher.

Spears’ account is almost four months older than Kutcher’s. Spears’ account is managed by her staff but is updated by Britney every few days. Kutcher updates his account every few hours. He has more than 5000 tweets as of now. Source:

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