Scott Peterson

Scott Lee Peterson born October 24, 1972, was convicted of the murder of his wife, Laci Peterson, and their unborn child in Modesto, CA. Peterson’s case dominated the American media for many months.

In 2005, Peterson was sentenced to death by lethal injection. He remains on death row in San Quentin State Prison while his case is on appeal to the Supreme Court of California. He maintains his innocence.

Peterson had numerous extramarital affairs, most recently with a massage therapist named Amber Frey. She had requested police assistance when she became suspicious that the man she had just begun to date had not been honest with her after she learned that he was actually married to a missing woman. At this point, Laci’s family announced that they withdrew their support of Peterson. They later said that they were angered not by the affair, but that Peterson had told Frey that he’d “lost” his wife and that he would be spending his first Christmas without his wife–15 days before Laci disappeared. To the Rochas, this meant that Peterson had already planned to kill Laci long before her disappearance.

Frey became a key witness in the case against Peterson when she agreed to let the police tape their subsequent phone conversations in hopes of getting him to confess. Despite this, Peterson was not recorded making any confession to Frey.

Frey told the police that two weeks before Laci’s disappearance, Peterson had implied to her that he was a widower by saying that he had “lost his wife.” During the trial, the audio recordings of Peterson and Frey’s telephone conversations were played, and the transcripts were publicized. Their contents proved to be both revealing and, ultimately, damning to Peterson’s character. For example, they revealed that in the days after Laci went missing, Peterson claimed to Amber that he had traveled to Paris to celebrate the holidays, in part with his new companions Pasqual and Fran├žois. In reality, Peterson made one of these phone calls while attending the New Year’s Eve candlelight vigil in Modesto for his missing wife.

Peterson was arrested by Detective Taylor Burlingame on April 18, 2003 in La Jolla, California.

On March 16, 2005, Judge Alfred A. Delucchi formally sentenced Peterson to death, calling the murder of his wife “cruel, uncaring, heartless, and callous.” The prescribed method of execution was lethal injection. He also denied the defense’s request (which was based on evidence of juror misconduct and media influence) for a new trial and ordered Peterson to pay $10,000 towards the cost of Laci Peterson’s funeral. Source:

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