Fargo Marathon of Popularity Continues to The Grow

Fargo Marathon director Mark Knutson said more than 20,000 runners had registered for the event when you take into account all the races – before Friday’s 5-kilometer race, which had about 6,500 competitors. Inaugural Fargo Marathon in 2005, 2271 participants.

I think 20000 is really a testament to the community and local and regional athletes,” said Knutson. The Fargo Marathon started in 2005 and has quickly become one of the fastest growing marathon in the United States earlier this year, Runner’s World magazine Fargo Marathon “Best Value” and ranked eighth among the 10 best marathon in the nation.

Knutson said Friday that 2,200 runners had registered for the full marathon had 6500 registered for the half marathon had 1600 registered team relays, had enrolled 2800 10K and 2400 runners took part in Thursday’s young running. We do not need to drive down the streets in Fargo-Moorhead a very long time to see people running on the sidewalk, running on the street.

The Fargo Marathon every year brings the runners who have stories to tell much more convincing than the average bear. The tour started in Sydney, Australia, and then to Los Angeles. From there it was on to Brazil, London, England, and closer to Jerusalem. He uses Fargo Marathon as a training run for something crazy seven ultra marathons, which are distances longer than 26.2 miles in seven deserts, seven continents. Source: usahangout.com

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