India News

The India news reported that the air India planed cashed in the southern Mangalore on Saturday. The India news has confirmed that the plane was carrying around one hundred and sixty people on board which also included six members from the crew. The officials at the Mangalore airport rushed to the crash stie when the plane was unable to reach the airport runway. The crash resulted in a jungle near the airport and burst into fires and smokes after the crash landing. The rescue teams reached the crash site and took out the ire. The survivors included a person who received some burns which are being treated at the hospital and is known to be in a better condition. According to the India news eight survivors have been reported to have been taken to the hospital.

The rest of the people who have lost their lives in the crash have not been identified yet and the officials are trying their best to identify the killed people. The authorities from Mumbai will be reaching the crash site to start their investigation about the crash and make an official statement about the cause of air India crash. The flight was going from the Dubai international airport to Mangalore airport and the crash was reported around six in the morning. The plane was a Boeing 737 and resulted in a fatal crash. It is reported that this was a fatal crash after fourteen years and is among the one of the worst crashes. The aviation authorities will reveal their reports regarding to the crash later. Source:

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