Weiner facts and Glenn Beck - what Anthony Weiner did to anger The Beck

The Fox News pundit Glenn Beck has listed several Weiner facts. Beck has pledged to tell everyone the Anthony Weiner facts.

Why is Beck doing this? Because Congressman, Anthony Weiner, held a press conference and said that one of Beck’s radio sponsors of ripping off customers. According to Weiner, he is fighting for the little guy.

You can see the arguments that Weiner made torn apart at http://www.weinerfacts.com/weiner/. Apparently, congressman Weiner is leading a grassroots effort to silence Glenn Beck. This has of course angered The Beck, which is why weinerfacts.com was spawned I’m sure.

In fact, I think that Glenn Beck is actually convinced that the entire Congress of the United States is forming an alliance to boycott his show. I guess a lot of people have boycotted Beck’s show? I had no idea. Personally, I have never seen his show even though his blue eyes and cheeks just make me want to pinch them.

I’m thinking that Glenn Beck is actually insinuating that this thing goes all the way to President Barack Obama. What do you think? Is there a vast Glenn Beck conspiracy? Is weinerfacts just a joke? It’s hard to say, but I’ll go with it’s a big joke. It's just so hard to read this because it is seriously one huge rant.

Source: Fox News

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