The Legend of Vince Papale

Vince Papale, one of the most famous players that football has produced, has mainly played in 2 different football leagues. His story was made more prominent by the 2006 movie ‘Invincible’ in which Mark Wahlberg played Vince Papale. Although Vince does not play professional football anymore, his legend lives on in the hearts of fans nationwide.

Vince Papale was a naturally gifted athlete from his school days. Besides football, he took part in many track and field sports like the pole vault, triple jump and the long jump. In fact, he won the District I large schools championship in the Philadelphia suburban area for pole vault and later on stood 4th in the state.

Vince Papale went on to attend St, Joseph’s College in Philadelphia on a scholarship and won some events. After college, he become a teacher and also started his professional career with Aston green Knights of the Seaboard Football League. Philadelphia Eagle’s GM Jim Murray then invited him to a private workout session to be administered by the coach Dick Vermeil.

They were all impressed by his vigor and skills and invited him to play for the team. Vince Papale joined the team at the age of 30, becoming the oldest rookie in NFL history. He played wide receiver as well as special teams for Eagles from 1976 to 1978. Later on he had the honor of being Special Teams captain and was even elected 1978’s “Man of the Year” by his team as he was involved in many charities at the time.

An unfortunate shoulder injury ended his career in the following year. Vince Papale retired from the NFL and has since taken on TV and radio broadcasting and Mortgage banking. Currently he is the regional director of Marketing for a reputed firm.

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