Jim Jones Massacre

Jim Jones Massacre. It happened in November 1978, California Congressman Leo Ryan arrived in Guyana to survey Jonestown and interview its inhabitants. After reportedly having his life threatened by a Temple member during the first day of his visit,

Ryan decided to cut his trip short and return to the U.S. with some Jonestown residents who wished to leave. As they boarded their plane, a group of Jones’s guards opened fire on them, killing Ryan and four others.

This is one of the comments posted on Youtube about Jim Jones Massacre:
“This had to be the most twisted stupidest thing that people in the entire f***ing world has ever done. This was the time people were so desperate to believe anything and do anything someone says.

It makes me sick to be a human. So many things.. from the KKK, Civil war to 9/11 to just about every disaster but this.. this just shows how much people are so naive.. to be lead by someone else.. to claim peace is in death.. and suicide.. Humans wernt the smartest that day.. they were animals ”
Source: www.coldbee.com

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