Lauryn Hill is back

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Ok so she took time of to have a life for herself and her kids fair enough (ok part of me want to be selfish and say she should have been making music but really taking time of for one's family is a good thing)

And she has new music in the works that great. Though she says she's not sure if it will be an album. Hmmm EP or maybe she will just release singles online.

I'm just happy to hear that she is working on some recordings but I have to say the miseducation of Lauryn Hill was a great album from front to back and it would be great to see her pull that off again. But if she thinks it's best to release her music in a different format then who am I to say different.

Listen to her talk I have to say Ms. Hill sounds different then I realize that the last time I heard her speak was years ago and she spoke as someone in their youth (20's) and right now she's more grown and speaks as such.

Hopefully this is the start of a real comeback since we had a few times that Lauryn Hill stepped back on the scene only to disappear again soon after.