Melina Kanakaredes Out, Sela Ward in for 'CSI:NY'

Melina Kanakaredes and Sela Ward have swapped places on "CSI." Gary Sinise now has a new co-star tonight when Sela Ward came on to replace Kanakaredes' character. Gary Sinise told PopEater that

even though the actresses are different, Ward is a pro and came into the role immediately. Fans loved Kanakaredes as she has been a staple on the show since 2004 after spending time on "Providence." Sinise has anchored "CSI:NY" since the show started and has been a good fit for the actor despite his co-stars changing.

Melina Kanakaredes and Sela Ward are fantastic actresses that have a huge following and pedigree with television. Kanakaredes got her start with "Guiding Light" before moving over to other nighttime shows such as "NYPD Blue". Sela Ward had guests on "House" after spending three years on "Once and Again."

Both Melina Kanakaredes and Sela Ward have earned their places as some of television's most elite actresses. "CSI:NY" got a great set of actresses with both women. As the cases heat up for the team, Sinise's Mac Taylor needs all the help he can get with one of the largest detective units in the United States.

"CSI:NY" is a spinoff of the original show and has done steady work in the ratings and has a new time slot for the fall premieres. Sela Ward should have no problem taking over for Melina Kanakaredes as she is a seasoned actress who can bring dogged determination to the show. Melina Kanakaredes left her staple "CSI:NY" for the greener pastures when she decided not to renew her contract. Then the executives for "CSI:NY" had to scramble to find a replacement when they were gifted with Sela Ward.

"CSI:NY" airs on CBS in its new time slot on Friday nights at 9 p.m. ET. Gary Sinise stars in one of CBS' most successful television franchises and anchors the show for its seventh season.

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