'CSI: NY': Melina Kanakaredes or Sela Ward?

Sela Ward ("Once and Again," "Sisters") took over as the lead female investigator on "CSI: NY" Friday (Sept. 24) on CBS. She was cast as a new CSI transplanted from Washington D.C. back in July after Melina Kanakaredes' sudden departure from the show.

So what did you think of Ward's debut as Jo Danville? In her first case, she got to the New York lab to discover a girl dead on the floor, stabbed with a pair of scissors. Danville immediately made a splash showing Patrick Jane-like levels of observation. Did you like her?

It'll probably take more episodes to draw a full conclusion, but we think she'll be alright in the role. No one can replace Kanakaredes, but Ward will probably be able to carve out her own niche on the show.

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